Histories of arts and merchants

mappa velino_ritCrossing some of the most suggestive places of historic town we will discover as Velino river influenced the urban development. In the past, above all it did a defensive function: think about Cavatella branch that protected the city from flood and enemies raids. It was an important source of profits too: its fish fed citizens and its clays supplies the kilns; its force, together with that of another stream, the Cantaro, supplies the mills, its navigability allowed men and goods transport. Among town’s place-names, there are various traces of ancient ports – like Acupenco, actually called Via del Porto – and of trades, like the actually Via della Pellicceria where there were workmanship of leathers. From the Roman Bridge with three arches, built in republic age to join the suburbs (Reate) with the Forum, passing along Via Garibaldi crossed by Cantaro’s waters until 18th century, and coming back to Valli quarter, among ancient residences, churches and monasteries, we will recall the history of this interesting city, around which streams prospered various craft and commercial activities. We will visit a workshop that produces handmade pieces of pottery concerning city’s history too. Here we will see the artist at work and at the end of demonstration she will give you a little handmade as a present.

Difficulty: T (touristic)
Development path: ring
Max vertical drop: indifferent
Walking time: 3 hours
Participants: 5 min
Participation fee: Euro 7,00 – Under 12 Free
Booking required tel 349 0910728 – Email animaeacqua@libero.it


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