San Francesco’s itineraries

IMG_0133Plugged into a spectacular scenario, we will go along the ways that bring were Saint Francesco lived part of his life. Visiting the hermitages of Fonte Colombo and Greccio – where the Saint wrote the “Regula”, the rules of Minor Friars passed by Pope Onorio III in 1223, and there was the first representation of the miracle of Christmas – and the sanctuary of the Foresta, we will recall some moments of the Saint’s life.

The plateau formerly submerged by the waters of Lake Velino symbolize the hard fight of man to get land to work.  The “construction” of landscape began in 3rd century b.C. with roman consul  Manio Curio Dentato. The consul wanted to make productive a land knew for its fertility caving a canal, after called Curiano, into Marmore’s mountain so draining large areas of Rieti’s plateau. During the following centuries, the water came back on the valley until, in 16th century, the marshes were definitively drained

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