Storie d’arti e mercanti

August 31st at 3:30 p.m.

Meeting at the Church of Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo – Piazza Cavour – Rieti
Along a circular itinerary going from the left bank of the river Velino through the historic area of Pozzi to San Nicola in Acupenco, we will discover places of worship and ancient crafts born around the watercourses of the modern town. We will visit the Civic Museum where, observing the archaeological finds in Rieti’s Plateau of the exhibition Paesaggi d’acque, we will know the history of ancient lake Velino.
Difficulty level: easy – Urban trekking
Start and finish: circular trail beginning at Piazza Cavour
Length: km 4
Duration: 3 hours

Participation fee for each trail: Euro 7.00 – Under 10: Free
Booking required: tel 349 0910728 – Emai:l – Web:


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