Call Animaeacqua at this telephone number +39 349 0910728

or send a mail:

or use the contact form below.

Filling in this contact form and clicking on the box “Send”, I agree to  Personally Identifiable Information processing by according to the Italian law.

 Information on rules of Italian Law on Privacy – Contact Form via Web

Observing Italian law (Legislative Decree n. 196/2003), the use of Personally Identifiable Information collected on this site will be based on transparency and protection of your privacy and rights. Your Personally Identifiable Information on Contact Form will be collected in order to:

a)      give you the information you require about our events;

b)      if you confirm your participation to our events, reserve the places to visit;

c)       bring you up to date, by e-mail, about news and events.

If you want to assert your rights like access or cancellation, revision or up-date of your Personally Identifiable Information, you can ask for it to



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